Bottiglia da 500ml.

Bottiglia da 500ml.

Olio di Oliva Col d'Orcia - Bottiglia da 500 ml.


From our organic oasis immersed in the territory of Montalcino, Col d’Orcia’s organic, extra virgin olive oil is produced with 4 olive varieties:

Frantoio: produces an oil with an intense yellowish green coloration, very aromatic with hints of sweet apples and freshly but grass, the taste is spicy and fruited, due to it’s rich polyphenol content. This variety represents about 70% of our olive groves.

Leccino: produces an oil of mild coloration, lightly fruited, delicate with herbal hints. 

Moraiolo: produces a fairly spicy oil, with subtle bitter hints of artichoke. 

Olivastra: this variety is the most resistant to cold weather, the oil has a very delicate scent with hints of freshly cut grass. 

Col d’Orcia has around 5.500 olive trees, situated on the southwest face of the Sant’Angelo hillside, some of which are over 400 years old. Each olive variety is harvested manually and separately at the point of optimal ripeness. The cut is made in order to obtain a balance between fluidity, bitterness and spiciness.

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