Linguine 350g

Linguine 350g

Linguine Col d'Orcia - Confezione da 350 g.

Le linguine sono una pasta lunga originaria della Liguria.


The ‘’monococco’’ spelt (Triticum monococcum) was the first grain cultivated by man around 10.000 years ago, it was the basis of the diets of Mediterranean agricultural populations for millennia. Spelt has spontaneously crossed with other wild grain varieties to produce various types of grain and wheat and is therefore considered the «grandfather of grains»

It is resistant to diseases, parasites and stress; adaptable to different environments; cultivable through diverse techniques with low environmental impact make monococco spelt particularly ideal for organic farming. 

This grain contains high quantities of antioxidants and bioactive substances the spelt high nutritional values and low gluten content which helps with digestibility and tolerability with respect to other types of grain. 

Col d’Orcia’s organic spelt pasta is produced with traditional methods, using doughs at low temperatures and bronze dies in order to obtain a rough and porous surface ideal for absorbing condiments. The drying is done at low temperature for long a period to preserve the precious nutritional content and organoleptic qualities.

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